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Why are reviews important?

89% of UK customers consider online reviews when making buying decisions, and they take seriously what they read. The larger the purchase and the number of customers who reads the reviews jumps to 94%.

  • 88 per cent of UK people trust online reviews, this rises on Amazon and falls on Trustpilot and Google
  • 74% of customers would not use a business with no reviews on either Google or Facebook
  • Business with 5 stars and all positive reviews  have below-average sales 4.1 to 4.5 stars is ideal
  • 52% of customers surveyed say that reviews that are more than three months old aren’t relevant. The rest did not look at dates
  • 98% of customers surveyed said they would not purchase from a business with obviously fake reviews

So what does that tell us? Businesses need a steady stream of reviews across review platforms in order to compete effectively in their market. Please note sample survey included 155 people aged between 21-45 in the UK.


What is a review service?

Think review management and collection
Working with UK businesses both large and small a review service is a company that facilitates the growth of positive reviews for a client. This can be achieved in a number of ways. More.

Reviews are a powerful tool for generating new business


So why employ a review service?

If you have a large customer pool then the answer is probably no.

If you are a smaller company with fewer customers or a company with large ticket projects then review become harder to come by. Why? Not because your products or services are worse it is just the 4% of customers is just to small a review pool. More.



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