Should I buy google reviews?

Why not?

It is tempting just to search Google and find a company that will simply create Google reviews on your Google My business listing.


  1. Instant. Businesses will take your money (on average £14 per review) send an email to India or the Philippines and within a day or so you have 30 new reviews. Job done!
  2. New customers will see your number of reviews and the number of 5 stars and be convinced you run an amazing company.
  3. Some customers do just look at the score and the number of reviews. It might work on the uninitiated or the over 70s. You could see a small increase in sales in the short term.
  4. You will be able to display your large number of Google reviews on your website


Google is the most advanced software company in the world!

  1. All of the IPs and Google accounts will be listed as foreign countries outside of the UK
  2. The reviews are likely to be poorly written and bear little or no relation to your business
  3. They will be from fake Google accounts that list only having posted one review (yours)
  4. Customers will read the reviews and see that they are obviously fake
    1. 98% of customers would not buy from a website with obviously fake reviews
  5. The dates of the reviews will all be very close together looking un-natural
  6. Google will flag these reviews as fake and adjust your review score accordingly
    1. Reviews are automatically processed to detect inappropriate content like fake reviews and spam. We may take down reviews that are flagged in order to comply with Google policies or legal obligations. More.
  7. It is possible that your organic listing (where your website ranks in a Google search for a keyword) will also fall

The choice is yours. If you would like to speak to a reputable review management company like Brownes then please call.



Should I buy google reviews?

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